Varicocele Embolization

Varicocele embolization is a medical procedure that occludes veins which are grossly swollen. The medical word for such a vein is varicocele. Possible adverse effects of Varicocele embolization include infertility, pain, and oedema. A radiologist uses coils or other specific substances for varicocele embolization to occlude (or embolize) the artery. Varicocele embolization may result in a reduction of symptoms. In India, where healthcare is known for its affordability and quality, individuals considering varicocele embolization can explore this option with confidence. The varicocele embolization surgery cost in India is often more budget-friendly compared to many other countries, making it a viable choice for those seeking effective treatment. According to varicocele embolization procedure, testes, veins, and a piece of the spermatic cord are all anatomically placed in the scrotum or male penis. The testes are the site of sperm production. All of them are transported with the assistance of varicocele embolization procedure and by the spermatic cord’s ducts, and sperms are subsequently expelled via the urethra. Varicocele is a disorder in which veins in the scrotum enlarge abnormally. Varicose veins are ubiquitous in the legs, and these veins are no exception. Ineffective vein valves may contribute to the enlargement of these blood channels.

When does someone need varicocele embolization?

When does someone need varicocele embolization? Varicoceles are often entirely asymptomatic and the varicocele embolization cost in India is also very minimal, making it an accessible option. This condition may cause a delay in the development of the testicles in adolescents. They may also cause pain, irritation and inflammation. Infertility may be an adverse effect. Your symptoms or infertility might motivate you to seek treatment with affordable varicocele embolization cost.

Options for treatment include non surgical procedure and embolization of the varicocele. Both alternatives have an equal chance of success. However, embolization leads to a speedier return to regular activities. This is because a very little needle is used in a vein in the thigh or neck. This does not need sedatives or putting to sleep.

If both testicles are afflicted, surgery for varicocele may be the best choice. Your primary care physician, Dr. Gangwani, can assist you in making the best choice for your health. Depending on your location, varicocele embolization may not be available to you.

How is Varicocele Embolization Procedure helpful?

Is Varicocele Embolization Procedure Safe?

The varicocele embolization procedure is a safe method without any varicocele embolization side effects. The following threats are very unlikely

Infection & Nausea

Excessive blood loss

Immune response to allergen

Discomfort in the lower back

The testicle is inflamed

Vascular insufficiency

For patients with anatomic variations, it is conceivable that surgical therapy will be ineffective. Your varicocele may likely reoccur regardless of the effectiveness of the first treatment.

You may confront unique dangers compared to others. Your age and underlying health conditions may have an effect. The anatomy of your varicocele may also play a factor in your risk. Before receiving treatment, make careful to share any concerns with Dr. Gangwani. Furthermore, patients may also consider factors like varicocele embolization surgery cost in India when evaluating their treatment options, ensuring that they make informed decisions about their healthcare journey.

Preparations One Should Make for a Varicocele Embolization Procedure

Dr. Gangwani, for instance, may provide advice on effectively preparing for varicocele embolization in india. Make sure to inform your doctor of the following

You possess a medical past.

Previous drug reactions or contrast dye sensitivities

Recent fever or other symptoms

Even non-prescription drugs such as aspirin must be declared.

If required, smoking cessation should be considered. As a consequence, you’ll have fewer troubles. Do not eat or drink anything for several hours before your therapy. Ensure that you have someone to drive you home after the event.

Before the procedure, you may be required to undergo further tests. For instance, a scrotum ultrasound may be necessary. This indicates the features of a varicocele.

About Dr Gaurav Gangwani

Dr. Gaurav Gangwani - Interventional Radiologist in Mumbai

Dr Gaurav Gangwani had 10+ years of experience. Build valuable relationships with patients

I am an Interventional Radiologist. My speciality is a unique one where I offer minimally invasive interventions which can treat complex medical conditions without the need for surgery.

With a rich academic and research experience, I am hoping to add the same services for a variety of interventions in Mumbai now. My strength is understanding the patient mindset and being transparent with the counselling explaining everything.

So that the patients are empowered with the knowledge to choose or reject treatment decisions wisely.

What to expect during embolizations of varicoceles?

During varicocele embolization in india, your physician will explain what to expect. A few hours may be necessary to complete the task. In general, you may anticipate the following:

Initially, you will likely be given sedatives or tranquilizers to induce sleep only if you are anxious.

Your medical staff will closely monitor your vital signs.

A local anaesthetic will be given to your inner upper thigh or neck or arm to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment. There is a possibility of experiencing a tingling feeling. Thanks to the shot, you will feel nothing throughout the procedure.

For example, Dr. Gangwani will clean the area for you. After locating a major vein, the physician will insert a needle into your thigh. The catheter will be placed into this vein by the medical professional.

Dr. Gangwani can precisely insert the thin long tube into your testicles using X-rays. To improve X-ray pictures, contrast material may be injected into the patient. The warmth may be felt.

In the vein that requires repair, Dr. Gangwani will put a small coil or a specific liquid. Here you will discover a “blocking agent.” When this occurs, the blood is typically redirected to neighbouring veins. The blood will then be able to flow correctly out of the scrotum. If the procedure is successful, the varicocele will dissolve.

After the removal of the catheter, the patient will be allowed to return home. On your thigh, arm or neck a bandage will be put.

What occurs after embolization of a varicocele?

Following the procedure, you will be carefully followed for some months. Usually, you’ll be allowed to return home the same day. Your physician will inform you if the therapy is successful.

As a precaution, take a daylong rest. The next day, though, you should be able to resume your normal activities. You should not drive or make any critical decisions for at least 24 hours after taking a tranquilizer. Jogging and other strenuous activities should be postponed until a later date. You may also be required to abstain from sexual activity for some time.

Notify your doctor immediately if you have any problems after therapy. 

Once the procedure has been done, you must schedule a follow-up visit with your healthcare provider. After the surgery, several patients report reduced pain. If you have difficulty in resulting pregnancy in your partner, you need to have an infertility test. With this test, infertility may be identified. If your varicocele reappears, a second procedure or surgery may be necessary.

Why is Dr. Gangwani the Ideal Selection?

Dr. Gaurav Gangwani has expertise in interventional radiology. Without resorting to surgery, Dr. Gaurav Gangwani treats complex medical conditions using minimally invasive approaches.

Dr. Gaurav Gangwani’s treatments of varicocele embolization in mumbai are minimally invasive and are administered through a pinhole in the wrist, thigh, or arm under local anaesthesia in a day-care environment, allowing for a speedy recovery. Dr. Gangwani’s expertise in a variety of treatments, including Peripheral Angioplasty, A thyroid calcification treatment for Thyroid Nodule Ablation for, Uterine Fibroid Embolization, Chemo Port Insertion, Permcath or Dialysis Fistula Salvage, Trans Radial DSA – Brain, and Varicocele Embolization, among others, makes him one of the best in his field and his treatment of varicocele embolization in Mumbai is very accurate and successful.

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