The Cost of Varicose Veins Treatment

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Varicose Veins Treatment

Table of Contents

This article will cover treatment choices for people with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), usually recognized as varicose veins syndrome, the varicose veins treatment cost, the average range of treatment costs, insurance coverage, and other payment methods.

You decide it’s time to visit a vein expert after experiencing discomfort for years, noticing your legs bulge at night, and losing sleep due to night-time unrest. Thank you for beginning the journey toward solid legs! When your grandparents or parents were diagnosed with vein disease a few decades ago, the diagnostic and treatment choices were far behind what is available today.

Individual Methods for Treating Varicose Veins

Depending on the severity of your vein illness, you can access several possible varicose veins treatments. Visiting a vein clinic to get your diagnosis and create a tailored treatment plan is essential because everyone’s process and treatment approach are different. A group of highly skilled doctors will assist you throughout your diagnostic, treatment strategy, and cost of the path to healthier legs.

How much will it cost to treat my varicose veins?

According to the severity of your vein illness or which veins are afflicted, there are several treatment options accessible, as was previously discussed. Depending on your unique treatment plan, as selected by your doctor, the expense of varicose vein therapy may vary. You can see the average pricing for the most popular vein treatments below.

Options For Treatment and Average Costs for Treating Saphenous Veins

One or even more saphenous veins are the most typical sources of varicose veins disease. Thermal or adhesive excision is the most often used treatment in this situation. These are sterile operations in which the vein is sealed off using a technique (either heat = thermal or glue = adhesive), causing it to collapse and reroute circulation to other, healthier veins.

  • Thermal Ablation: Radiofrequency Excision and Endo venous LASER Ablation
  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Treatment (brand name VenasealTM)

Trained doctors carry out these treatments while being guided by ultrasonography. Most frequently, one treatment is carried out on each sick vein, and the results are outstanding.

Cost: Although these surgeries are one of the costliest, insurance policies frequently cover them.

Varicose Veins Treatment Options and Average Costs

The next stage in treating the tree’s branches, known as varicose veins, is sealing the saphenous veins. These safe techniques use an injection of a drug called sclerosant, which irritates the vein and causes them to spasm and close, redirecting the blood into healthy, normal veins. The name of this process is sclerotherapy.

Highly qualified doctors and advanced practice providers carry out these treatments while guided by ultrasonography. Due to the limited amount of medicine that may be given each session, most patients need 1-3 treatments per leg, depending on the severity and course of their vein disease.

Cost: These procedures are frequently reimbursed by insurance and are between 1-1.2 lakh Rs. For thermal ablation procedures and 2-2.2 lakh Rs. for venaseal per leg. Bur it is super variable depending on doppler findings, institution, room category, and much more.

Options For Treatment and Average Price to Cure Spider Veins

Your healthcare team may next concentrate on treating your spiders and reticular veins once the trunks and limbs have been closed. A drug (sclerosant) is injected into a damaged vein to produce spasm, closure, and blood diversion to healthy, normal veins. Highly skilled registered nurses, advanced practice providers, or doctors carry out these treatments. Depending on the degree and course of their vein illness, patients often need 1-3 treatments per leg because each session can only utilize a certain amount of medicine.

Cost: These treatments typically cost around INR 25,000 per session.

Make an appointment right now to receive assistance. Find out how severe your vein disease is, and get a customized treatment plan and price quote. Be self-assured while you pursue vein therapy!