Gangrene Treatment – Get the Facts

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In today’s busy world, people often lack the ability to look after their health and face some serious health issues with time. Most diseases are curable by high-profile doctors and their treatment, but some serious diseases are difficult to cure, and if not cured on time, they can lead you to face some serious conditions. They are so rare at times that it becomes a life-threatening situation. One such disease which could take your life if not given proper treatment on time is gangrene. It is a type of disease that is caused by a frequent number of tissue deaths due to which your body lacks the flow of blood. This result in affecting your arms, legs, feet, and fingers, as well as it also deteriorates your organs. Treatment of gangrene is the ultimate solution to get rid of it. Two types of gangrene can be caused to any person.

Dry Gangrene

This is the most common type of gangrene faced by people. It occurs due to poor blood circulation and the drying up of tissues. Mostly it happens on your arms and legs or feet. It is non-infectious, but if it becomes severe, you can face infection over the damaged area.

Wet Gangrene

Wet gangrene can be caused when you face any severe injury or accident. If you lose any of your body parts, then the flow of blood will stop in that area giving a chance to rise in infections. That part of your body won’t recover easily, creating an over a puss. As this type of gangrene is highly infectious, it is divided into four parts.

Internal Gangrene

Usually happens in the internal body, which has an effect on your organs and leads to the appendix.

Gas Gangrene

It is the deadliest type of gangrene that can take your life. It is a rare disease that happens to your body’s most internal parts, like the muscles. Usually happens due to trauma.

image Dr Gaurav Gangwani

Fournier’s Gangrene

This type is also a rare condition that causes infection of your genitals. It becomes life-threatening when not treated on time. Fournier’s gangrene treatment is a long procedure that involves antibiotic therapy.

Meleney’s gangrene

The last type of wet gangrene is Meleney’s gangrene which is caused due to painful damage to tissues that usually happen after surgery or any trauma.

Treatment of Gangrene

Every disease has a cure; even the rarest disease can be cured to some extent if only the case has not become worse. The treatment procedure for gangrene is based on the removal of dead tissues and also treating the infected part. The gangrene treatment cost can vary from 10 thousand to 3 lakh depending upon the level of infection. The types of treatment one should prefer are:


It is the easiest and fastest means of treatment for this condition. Here, the damaged part or tissue is completely removed from the patient’s body.

Maggot Therapy

This is a different kind of treatment one can get. Here, the doctor injects a special kind of larvae of a fly which eats up the damaged tissue.

People can find out maggot therapy or any other kind of therapeutic method if they don’t prefer surgeries. You can just search outĀ gangrene treatment without surgery in MumbaiĀ and find out the best results which you can opt for. To read more about gangrene and its symptoms and causes, you can click here.

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