Discover Our Non Surgical Treatment Services.

Minimally invasive done via a pinhole in the wrist or thigh or body, are done with local anaesthesia on daycare basis and allow immediate recovery.

Varicocele embolization

Varicocele treatment without surgery

angiography-basedembolization procedure

Thyroid nodule ablation

Treatment of enlarged prostate without surgery

angiography based embolization procedure

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Treating ulcers and preventing major amputations

Treating ulcers and preventing major amputations in diabetic foot patients with ulcers or gangrene

breast lumptreatment qef5abqawn7mtdz9n9z5pni65yfeijgpo61fu8phc0 Dr Gaurav Gangwani

Breast lump treatment without surgery

needle-based ablation treatment

Uterine fibroid embolization

Uterine fibroids without surgery

angiography based embolization procedure

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Center of excellence for dialysis permcath and chemoport insertion

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Dr. Gaurav Gangwani : Best Interventional Radiologist in Mumbai, India

Dr. Gaurav Gangwani - Interventional Radiologist in Mumbai

Dr Gaurav Gangwani had 10+ years of experience. Build valuable relationships with patients

Dr. Gaurav Gangwani is an Interventional Radiologist (a vascular specialist) in Mumbai, India who treats multiple diseases or conditions without any invasive surgery. He travels to multiple hospitals across Mumbai like Saifee Hospital, Surana group of hospitals, Namaha Hospital, ACE hospital and centers like Unity, Excel and Quantum chain of diagnostics. He is one of the few interventional radiologists in India, who offers ablation-based treatment for thyroid nodules, breast fibroadenomas, uterine fibroids, liver metastasis and many more. He also offers angiography-based embolization treatment for high grade varicocele, enlarged prostates (BPH) and uterine fibroids. He does a lot of interventions for dialysis patients from permcath insertions to salvaging fistulas that don’t work optimally and also chemo ports for cancer patients. If you are searching for the best interventional radiologist in India, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Gaurav today.

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled expertise

We have many problem-solving interventions which are available in very few centers in India and the world.

Some of them are: Microwave thermal ablation for thyroid nodules and parathyroid adenomas, vasculo-mimetic stenting for dialysis fistula salvage, trans-radial route in the wrist for maximum interventions including DSAs

The right experience

Our doctor and team have ample experience after treating 1000s of patients for many diseases. We also are one of the centers of the nation who cater IR services from head to toe from brain stroke to liver cancers to peripheral arterial disease.

The Right Answer

All patients seek a minimally invasive alternative to surgeries for common problems like varicose veins, enlarged prostate, uterine fibroids, chemoport insertion, and many others. We offer exactly what the patients want with pinhole access, under local anesthesia alone, with no scar and instant recovery.

Seamless communication and care

All expertise and ethics are futile if the communication skills are not good and the patient is not explained about the success rates of the procedure, the complication risks, the costs, and expected recovery. We are known for our pragmatic and patient-centric counseling. And this is accompanied with utmost care and sensitivity to patient needs and expectations.

Happy Patients

Google Reviews

Moin ShaikhMoin Shaikh
13:47 19 Jul 23
Gaurav Sir is highly skilled and very polite. He listens all your concerns and answers them, gives sufficient time. Highly recommended.
Ayushi RawaniAyushi Rawani
10:58 24 Jun 23
He is such a amazing doctor!I haven't met such a doctor throughout my whole life,how can someone be so generous,kind,polite.The hospitality he provided me & the way he cared for me is just beyond my expectations!!Words are not much enough to describe his generosity.He is just not a fantastic doctor but a great human too!!I hope God bless him with more success & more achievements.
Sujeet GharatSujeet Gharat
14:45 18 Jun 23
Dr. Gaurav Gangwani was a wonderful surgeon, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up.🙏
Reena BucktawarReena Bucktawar
19:00 08 Jun 23
Hare Krishna. Hands down the best interventional radiologist.My sister had large nodular goiters and several doctors had recommended a total thyroïdectomy. Since she was not comfortable with the surgery. I looked up other alternatives on YouTube and Dr. Gangwani’s informative videos came up on my feed. So I contacted him and he was very swift in replying.Dr. Gangwani is very understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for minimally invasive alternatives. A first rate professional experience. Also Manjiri, his assistant was very helpful in smoothing out the logistics for us international patients. I was left highly impressed and humbled. We are grateful to him and may God always bless him and his team for all the good they are doing for the patients out there.
Chandni AgrawalChandni Agrawal
16:17 18 Mar 23
Got to know about Dr. Gaurav from his YouTube channel and took video consultation. He has taken utmost care and explained us everything with details and gave me confidence for the procedure. The most important thing is he explained all the details and suggested me to meet my near by interventional Radiologist. He didn't ask me to come to his clinic (Mumbai) as I stay in Bangalore. It shows his pure intention.I can't Thank him enough. Because of him I am back to my normal life.Trust me his words are enough to cure you.Thank you so much Sir for all your support and care.God bless you 🙏🏻
Rekha ShanbhagRekha Shanbhag
13:08 23 Jan 23
A very good knowledgeable Doctor. Very friendly and transperent regarding his investigations. Explains clearly to the patient regarding the ailment. Speaking to him I felt as if I are discussing with a close relative although it was actually that I met him for the first time
Aniket DhumalAniket Dhumal
08:35 17 Jan 23
It was a nice experience when I gone through the surgery which was done by Dr. Gaurav Gangavani Sir. He is supremely skilled and experienced as well.It is important to note that, Dr. Himself has been spreading a lot of information over his YouTube channel and i recommend everyone who is suffering from any dieses who needs a help from an interventional radiologist, pls go through it and meet Dr.Gaurav. you will really feel better post surgery as they have advanced cath labs and trained staff.I would say 'thanks' to Dr. Gaurav Gangavani sir for my surgery which was done in planned and in a controlled way. Thank you Surana Staff as well.
Suneet PrabhuSuneet Prabhu
14:40 26 Dec 22
He is one of best Doctors u can come across. He is thorough, precise & extremely well versed with his area of expertise. My uncle suffered from completely blocked artery in his left leg. It was quite a worry because there was high risk of loosing his leg. And mind you my uncle is a 78years old senior citizen. But as soon as we decided for going ahead with operation via interventional radiology we met Dr Gaurav. The first meeting itself was calming and reassuring. It was not an easy operation but Dr Gaurav used his expertise very well. He was calm with both my uncle as well with us. That gave both of us alot of strength. Today 9 months have passed and my uncle is doing extremely well. In Dr Gaurav's own words ' Its even better than what it initially was. ' All thanks to Dr Gaurav.
Ashwini PawarAshwini Pawar
16:12 22 Dec 22
Hare krishna My experience with Dr Gaurav was absolutely remarkable. He is very polite,cooperative and well spoken. He promptly studied my mother's case and gave us appropriate diagnosis and suggestions. He makes us comfortable by speaking in our mother tongue which ease us to explain our exact concerns. I like his confidence. God bless him for being such a genuine human being and a genius doctor.
Swati SapkalSwati Sapkal
19:01 15 Dec 22
I have the problem of vericose veins. Dr Gaurav Gangwani very calmly explained about Vericose veins. He explained very well that what are varicose veins, why it happens, what is its solution, What should we change in our lifestyle so we can get rid of it without surgery. Their staff is also very cooperative, any question I ask them on WhatsApp, they get the answer very quickly. Thank you so much Doctor..
Best doctor for vericose veins no other dr can beat dr gaurav Gangwani sir, best staff, also the assistant manjiri madam who followed me time to time . No words to say please visit one time at the clinic.
Neelima PotdarNeelima Potdar
14:36 18 Nov 22
Yesterday, we have very good experience of all the team at the time of my husband's treatment. From first call for appointment to the call after completion of the process, we experienced quick response, caring nature of staff, time to time service. Everything was appreciable. Thanks Dr Gaurav, Manjiri and all other staff.Neelima Potdar
sneha lonkarsneha lonkar
14:15 29 Aug 22
Dr. Gaurav performed vericocele embolization on my husband. His detailed YouTube video helped us to avoid surgery and instead inspired us to go through the advanced embolization procedure with no pain and no scar.The experience we went through was great and satisfying. He was guiding us from day of admission till the discharge and billing. He made sure that we leave the hospital with complete satisfaction. Thanks Dr. Gaurav for all your expertise in the field and rest of the extended support.
Sandeep BhandariSandeep Bhandari
15:37 27 Aug 22
Till date one of the best doctors if, I have ever meet is Dr Gaurav Gangwani. My wife biopsy, chemo port insertion and removal he had done it and he explains the procedure very well and make sure patient and his family members fell very relaxed.I would highly recommend him.
Ravi U. YadavRavi U. Yadav
08:27 13 Aug 22
Dr. Gaurav Gangwani is one of the best and experienced rediologost. He has done biopsy of my seven years son Suryansh Yaduvanshi and within a day hospital have discharged. He is very much polite and softe spoken as well as helpful. If you have any questions he reply and also he listened patient carefully. I highly recommend Dr. Gangwani. And another hand his assistant Manjari mam is also very helpful. She reply and always take care of patients. She always on call when you need. I am too much grateful for Dr. Gaurav , Manjari mam, Ojaswi mam as well as all staff of Bhakti Vedanta. Hare Krishna
Farah SayedFarah Sayed
05:04 03 Aug 22
I have no words how to thank Dr.Gaurav Gangwani for his excellent treatment of goiter without surgery no pain no marks and within half an hour he completed the procedure.Well trained assistant and nursing staff.Genius doctorDoctor Gaurav GangwaniFarah Sayed Ahmed.
jayshree nankanijayshree nankani
15:03 28 Jul 22
Hare krishnaMy experience with Dr Gaurav was absolutely remarkable. He is very polite,cooperative and well spoken. He promptly studied my case and gave me appropriate diagnosis and suggestions. I like his confidence. God bless him for being such a genuine person and a genius doctor.
Nashrah SiddiquiNashrah Siddiqui
14:47 20 Jul 22
DR. Gaurav did USG guided Biopsy for mu aunt and it was very well explained by him. The procedure went smoothly.. his experience was shown in his work. Thanks Dr
Maina ShettyMaina Shetty
07:02 07 Jul 22
Excellent Dr.Gaurav Gangwani is too good. Thank God we got a good doctor like him. He is brilliant in surgery. Easily approachable.God bless him with more success in life
Jessy TJessy T
13:11 25 Jun 22
He is a very kind, soft spoken doctor. I am very happy that he is eagerly bringing in and promoting non-invasive solutions and helping people.He answered all my queries with all the patience and honesty and I'm thankful for that. I would really recommend him for all interventional radiology needs.
Atul GuptaAtul Gupta
11:43 08 Jun 22
One of best Radiologist. Very professional and expert in his field. He will explain you a tiny bit of the information on the treatment or surgery. Very soft spoken and helpful. Staff is also supportive and helpful for any kind of help.
g khang khan
11:38 25 May 22
He is the best doctor. By God's grace my moms biopsy went smoothly and that was just bcoz of doctor Gaurav. We had a very bad experience and was performing biopsy for the second time. He is very experienced in his work and a good listener unserstands patients very well. Me and my mom are thankful to him. He is the best.
Sanket ManjrekarSanket Manjrekar
12:55 14 May 22
Dr. Gaurav is friendly, well informed and excellent at his job! He answered all of my doubts very patiently, doctor Gaurav is very courteous and professional!Highly recommended.
Swati sSwati s
11:41 21 Apr 22
Gaurav sir is amazing Doctor.has giving immediately solution by only flawless treatment, with his so much Positiveness and I feeling so confident for my mother receiving expert medical care. A great tnx and good wishes to u sir🙏🙏
Seema YadavSeema Yadav
13:57 17 Apr 22
Excellent doctor – He has helped me so much with everything I have been through in my father critical condition! He is really efficient, respectful & great personality. He is a person who genuinely cares about his patients. He always takes the time to explain things to me in terms that I can understand. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches & care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I am grateful to U Dr. Gaurav Sir 🙏.
Nilesh BhalekarNilesh Bhalekar
11:45 16 Apr 22
Excellent service, and cooperative an helpful in providing reasonable rate. And the treatment provided was good. And all the best for future sucess....
Shivaji KolekarShivaji Kolekar
09:35 15 Apr 22
Our experience was very good starting from Appointment in which Manjiri helped us a lot... Dr Gaurav is highly professional and an amazing doctor. He just does not care about the procedures, he cares about patients comfort and sentiments. He explains things so beautifully in layman language. We felt lucky to have met him. He is the most trustworthy doctor i have met.Thank you sir for your kindness.
Purna PatroPurna Patro
10:31 28 Mar 22
Dr Gaurav is one of the best Doctor in BhaktiVedant hospital. My father was having an unique issue of blood vessel puncture due to which he was having heavy flow of blood in motion. We did CT scan with abdomen contrast but it was not even cought by the technician. Somehow Dr Gaurav identified it from the snaps and personally visited to see the recording and found the unique issue otherwise it was not possible to diagnose. He is very knowledgeable, humble and down to earth while explaining the issue in layman language. My father is still in the hospital under a different doctor but he still keep on checking the status and ask me the well being whenever he meets me in hospital. I really salute you sir and pray for your well being to serve the society forever.
savita shetsavita shet
13:51 19 Mar 22
Dr Gaurav was very humble and took great care of my mom who's undergoing mom said he's the the best doctor she's come across in her lifetime. She was very relaxed post her procedure and was prasing Dr Gaurav.Thank you Doctor.God bless you.
Radha MitraRadha Mitra
14:40 15 Mar 22
He did my USG and FNAC at BhaktiVedant hospital Mira Road, in the month of Feb 2022. I am happy and satisfied. He explains things with patience and doesn't get irritated with questions. Decent gentleman. Thank you, Doctor.
Vijay KadamVijay Kadam
07:15 03 Mar 22
Dr Gaurav Gangwani is very nice doctor. His explanation is very nice and explained in Detail. Very nice doctor.
Swapan GangulySwapan Ganguly
04:12 09 Feb 22
The service that I received from Dr.Gaurav is excellent. Well trained, The process for collecting sample was painless . Highly recommended.
Neha MistryNeha Mistry
15:51 05 Feb 22
Dr. Gaurav is very polite, Frank and different from other doctors. He explained the procedure and answered all of questions in simple words.
Shridhar IyerShridhar Iyer
16:44 03 Feb 22
Good doctor.. treating DVT of my mother.. well experienced and confident of his treatment
14:23 23 Jan 22
Dr Gaurav is best in his field of work. Thank you for being a great doctor and an extremely great human being.I am forever thankful.
Gitika DasGitika Das
13:24 21 Oct 21
'Awesome doctor’ – very small word for him! I am really lucky that I was under his treatment. He has helped me so much with everything I have been through in my critical condition! He is really efficient, respectful and great personality. He is a person who genuinely cares about his patients. He always takes the time to explain things to me in terms that I can understand. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I am grateful to you Dr. Gaurav.

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Overview of Non Surgical Procedure

Several physical disorders require surgical treatment, and many others need medication, rehabilitation, and other nonsurgical therapies. Whenever there is a patient with brain stroke, leg gangrene or diabetic foot, varicose veins, thyroid nodules, uterine fibroids, cancer etc - there are valid non surgical amgiographic or needle based techniques today. Which can be performed under local anesthesia, on day care basis, with no scar and no recovery period required.

These treatments control the symptoms of the disease and improve the patient's quality of life.

How Do We Do It?

  1. Peripheral Angioplasty: In this procedure, a catheter and a balloon is used to open up any blocked artery. If you have diabetes, this is the procedure you require to eradicate the block without risking amputation. We have all the clinical hardware required for this treatment, and you will receive the needful as per your ailment. 
  2. Thyroid Nodule Ablation: It is an effective non-surgical procedure to treat thyroid nodules. We were the first in Maharashtra to provide microwave ablation. Our treatment does not leave a scar. 
  3. Uterine Fibroid Embolization: This is among the unique non surgical treatments. It requires a tiny pinhole in the wrist to treat uterine fibroid. 
  4. Chemo Port Insertion: After the employment of anesthesia, this implant, a tiny device for chemotherapy through this procedure, becomes easy. The patient gets discharged in 3 hours only after this treatment. This treatment gives a durable access for two years. 
  5. Trans Radial DSA-Brain: Dr Gaurav Gangwani offers more than 95% DSA or brain angiography via radial access. The treatment is done by procuring just a tiny hole in the wrist. Treatment through this procedure is advantageous to patients. They are discharged after just an effect of 4 hours of observation. 
  6. Varicocele Embolization: This non surgical treatment is minimally invasive, and when it comes to varicocele, it is the best option. The pain and infertility patients face due to the condition are alleviated to a great extent. This procedure requires just a tiny pinhole in the neck or thigh.    
  7. Prostate Artery Embolization: This is still trusted by many for the treatment of prostate hypertrophy and urinary symptoms because of the ailment. This procedure provides outcomes that can be compared with the surgery but have no side effects of surgical procedures. Again done with a tiny pinhole in the wrist.

Other Non Surgical Procedures That We Facilitate You With

GENICULAR ARTERY EMBOLIZATION: This is also called embolization of the knee. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that treats patients with osteoarthritis (OA). It reduces the blood flow to the synovium and relieves the patients in the short and long term. The expertise of Dr Gaurav Gangwani in interventional radiology allows him to facilitate you with the treatment required and delay a total knee transplantation.

CAROTID ARTERY STENTING: As the name suggests, this involves stenting of the diseased neck artery to relieve the blood flow blockage so that the risk of brain stroke is reduced. This minimally invasive procedure restores the blood flow in the brain. After a certain period, certain arteries get diseased with atherosclerosis; artery stenting is the aid with minimum risk and maximum chance of successful treatment.

ANEURYSM EMBOLIZATION: This procedure treats a bleeding or incidentally detected aneurysm by filling it with material that closes the sac and treats the risk of bleeding. It involves the application of a steerable catheter, which is inserted into the bloodstream. The coil is used to cause clotting and close the aneurysm.

LIQUID EMBOLIZATION: This procedure treats aneurysms, arterio-venous malformations and fistulas, acute hemorrhages, and hepatocellular carcinoma. 

THROMBECTOMY: It removes blood clots from an artery or vein. It is a very effective non-surgical procedure for preventing ischemic brain stroke. An ischemic brain stroke can cause permanent disability or death. With our treatment through thrombectomy, the patient can be treated with effect, and such conditions can be avoided. 

BRONCHIAL ARTERY EMBOLIZATION: It is the treatment for hemoptysis. The bronchial artery is embolized through catheter intervention, which stops the bleeding. Embolic agents such as PVA, NBCA, or metallic coils are used in this treatment. 

Dr Gangawani's skill and knowledge in interventional radiology allow him to perform the procedure seamlessly. 

THORACIC DUCT EMBOLIZATION: Thoracic duct injuries receive treatment through this radiological interventional procedure. 

It involves using fluoroscopic guidance after the thoracic duct is opacified by bipedal lymphangiography. 

TRANS-ARTERIAL EMBOLIZATION: This procedure is conducted to aid the situation by blocking the blood supply to abnormal areas of the brain or a bleeding vessel in the body or areas with ailments like a tumor. 

A small incision conducts the procedure so the catheter can be inserted and guided to the artery near the tumor or the infected tissue. We employ the same to treat liver, lung, or bone cancer. 

THERMAL ABLATION: It is a procedure in which heat is employed to remove tissues pr nodules or tumors. It is a very effective and minimally invasive non-surgical procedure. We facilitate our patients with this as a treatment for Osteoid Osteomas. It involves the application of a needle, which contains a thermal active tip at the end helping in destroying the tumor. 

BRTO PROCEDURE: Balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration or BRTO is a minimally invasive procedure for treating portal hypertension, hematemesis, and ascites. It involves the application of a balloon catheter which is inserted through a vein, and the balloon is further employed to block or shunt the infected area. This treatment requires an insightful approach from the interventional radiologist.

PlurX DRAINAGE CATHETER: It is done to pull out fluids from the pleural space. Pleural space is the space between the two layers of tissues surrounding the lungs. If fluids are more than the pleural area, it becomes an issue. It causes collapse of the lungs, and the patient feels shortness of breath. It involves the application of a tunnelled catheter within the pleural space or belly fluid which can be used to drain the fluid multiples times at home preventing repeated hospital visits or admissions.

PAIN INJECTION FOR FROZEN SHOULDER: Frozen shoulder refers to the inflamed joint capsule in the shoulder. The patient suffering complains about stiffness and pain in the shoulder. Such ailments can also be treated using interventional radiology, with non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment. This condition also restricts movement in the body. The injection improves the condition by reducing the pain and allows the body to heal. All this is achieved with a small needle based procedure or angiography bases embolization technique.

BILIARY DRAINAGE - PTBD: Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage or PTBD is a treatment for treating ailments like obstructive jaundice. The non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment facilitates the patients with the best results. 

IMAGE GUIDED BIOPSY/FNAC: It is one of the effective treatments for tumors. This treatment is gaining popularity in developed countries due to its results. This is an image-guided fine needle aspiration cytology. 

The Best Radiology Specialist That You Need

Dr Gaurav Gangwani facilitates the patients with the skills and insights he has developed over years of practice. Through his minimal invasive intervention, he provides you with the treatment that is worth your money. The technique is so effective that patients do not require surgical treatment after going through it. 

Dr Gaurav Gangwani has received multiple certificates in the field of interventional Radiology. As a radiologist, he has the best reviews from his patients, and his experience and credentials make him one of the best radiology specialists in India.

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